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Versions Info
-Zawgyi to Myanmar3 Converter almost 99%convertible now.

-Added filtering feature,english words filter list.
-Added Burglish words filter list.
-Added custom filter list and force c6 list.
-some bugs fixed

-Kannaka Font file itself is unknown but its used in En-MM Dictionary,just parse it with reverse engineering:)
-some bugs fixed

-Wwin_Burmese support added.
-Some html codes changed

-Zawgyi to Myanmar3 Unicode Advance converting engine added(only one way)
-Some bugs fixed/ Some codes,logic changed

-Font Autocorrecting Added
-Some bugs fixed

v0. Sept. 2007)
-Fonts types-->aa added

v0.6.1000(2 Dec. 2006)
-Fonts types-->MS-HEAVY,MS-MOOM added
-Some bugs fixes
-Faster converting then previous versions
-You can c6 very big texts now. I have tested with 1MB of Text,its work!

v0.6.0000(1 Dec. 2006)
-Main Engine Updated!,More concise converting for patsint(Overlapping)characters are possible now.
-updating database for patsint(Overlapping)characters.

v0.5.5000(30 Nov. 2006)
-Fonts types-->M-Myanmar1 Font for Myanmar Enclyopedia added

v0.5.0000(11 Nov. 2006)
-Fonts types-->CE Fonts,Gandamar Fonts,King Fonts,Metrix Fonts,Academy Fonts,Myazedi Font(Partial)added

v0.1.0000(30 Oct. 2006)
-Start of this Project
-Support Zawgyi and WinInnwa Fonts

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2004-2009@Soe Min .NET(my blog)

Important Info:: http://zawgyi.googlecode.com is Hoax,Kyaw Tun and His folks steal codes from Burglish without our permissions.