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  1. AsME B31.1 Power Piping
  2. Piping Engineering ဆိုင္ရာ စာအုပ္မ်ား
  3. (D)Piping Arrangement
  4. (A)Piping Materials and Piping Code and Standards
  5. (B)Piping service class and line index
  6. (C)Pipe Support
  7. (Appendix)Technical Terms for Piping Engineering
  8. (E)Pipe Route Study(ISO)
  9. (G)Piping Engineering Procedure
  10. (A)Piping Materials and Piping Code and Standards
  11. (B)Piping Service Class and Line Index
  12. Ethics for Engineering Professionals
  13. Operator Notes- PDS(Plant Design System V.7)
  14. Plant Flange Reference
  15. Pipeline Ancillaries
  16. Piping Software
  17. Piping Design Part1
  18. Product Handbook for Structural Steel
  19. Formulas for Piping Calculations