how to buy shares in stock market

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Many are the ways to investe in the this article we will talk about how to buy shares in stock first thing to know is that you will not become millionaire in one day,you have to take risks.even lose money sometimes.but the trick is to find the right stock to buy,for this you have to do alot of digging,don’t worry you will gain experiance with time.use all the ressources you can find (the net,the market statics,some friends with experiance to share).of course at first don’t take big risk,just baby steps,for and example buy stocks from big companies like microsoft or intel.and with time after you gain experiance begin to buy stocks from smaller and newer companies wich have cheaper stocks that will go expensive when this companies will grow bigger and you will make extra money from selling this stucks.this is the way to go.wish you luck. 38868
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