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investing online

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There are many ways in investing online across several asset classes with property and shares being the most popular in Australia. Investing in any asset class can be difficult and sometimes costly if you don’t do your research first. Which is why it has largely been up to financial planners to invest the funds. Many people have savings and want to invest outside of super but don’t have the time to do the research. Until now. The emergence of robo advice in Australia has disrupted the industry and provided a new window of opportunity for people to confidently and quickly invest their money without the help of a financial planner. Robo advice has been building into a large industry in the UK and the USA during recent years. In the US alone, over $3 billion has been invested into equity markets and that’s from just one of the largest ones for businesses in the US. While it’s still a relatively small industry in Australia, all current indicators point to significant growth in this industry over the next few years. 42134
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